Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sign of the Times: 2010 will see natural, romantic style, military details and global influences

I am an advocate shopper and I absolutely love fashion! With years of fashion training and admiration, I am often challenged to predict fashion trends of upcoming seasons. Most of my predictions thrive from the undoubtedly “signs of the times”.
What are these “signs of the times”? It is those characteristics that help shape the interest of consumers and fashion lovers alike. Fashion is an expression, a movement or non-verbal emotion that is ever-changing.
A top look prediction going into the New Year will lean towards a more natural, romantic style. These are the styles that were popular during the Victorian era and bring back the portrayal of women as strong, urban, social contributors to fashion. This look includes bullfighter style jackets, laced tops and sheer full skirts with several layers and ruffles.
As war on terrorism continues, there will be strong influences from the military for many years to come. This influence is a subliminal expression towards how we feel about our military’s involvement in the war on terrorism. Shirts with military-style collars, embellished with shiny buttons and a much tailored fit, will be created in bold, rich colors like chocolate and burgundy. These jackets will be paired with pencil-style skirts with side-seamed pockets.
War on Terrorism has brought more recent attention to global cultures and customs. The heightened awareness of fashion in other cultures will influence fashionable trends. Color combinations like purple, red, orange and yellow will flow together effortlessly in fabrics like silk, chiffon and organza. Paisley-patterns will make a comeback to pair up with denim revealing a hint of old '70s charm.
The perfect jacket will be short, marking the waist and highlighting high-waist pants or skirts. These cropped jackets are accented with leather, fur, satin and other luxurious fabrics.
The color predictions for the season are Green and Orange. Romantic, emerald shades of green and burnt shades of orange will be the highlight to tailored-fitted suits and box-necked shirts that featured wrap-tie belts to accent the waist.
The fashion designer to admire this coming season is Roberto Cavalli. Mr. Cavalli’s creation of fresh, affordable clothing lines offers a great deal of attention to detail and elegance for all fashion admirers.
Runways all over the world have featured these predictions as well as several other trends based on the previews of Designer collections and up-trends in the clothing, textile and accessories designs.
The fashion predictions presented in this article are strictly the predictions expressed by myself and are not necessary the fashion trends of industry professionals and experts. My predictions take into account the “signs of the times” and how fashion can be influence by other social factors.

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