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The Man’s Guide to Style

This section is especially for men who have long needed fashion counseling. It is the answer to all your style questions and more. Don’t be left in the dark! We will give you the straight-forward, and sometimes revealing, responses to style and all things fashion.

She Hates the Way I Dress, Why?

It’s 8’oclock pm and she is standing at the door looking as though she just saw an alien. The relentless words stream from her lips “you are NOT going anywhere with me dressed like that”. I responded “what’s wrong with the way I am dressed”. Boy, was that the wrong question to ask. I kind of blacked out of the conversation when I heard “you look like your going to a football game, not out to dinner”. Plus, my favorite team was playing on the television. Hey, it was 4th quarter… the last 5 minutes of the game, what else was I suppose to do?

This scenario is faced by many couples, you’re not alone. The best solution to making everybody happy is to find a Stylegation. A Stylegation is a term used to identify a way to compromise for the sake of fashion. Give a little to get a little! Now, men… this is not hard. It is not rocket science and is not as painstaking as many of you have claimed it to be. You can do it!

It’s not that we as women “hate” the way you dress; it is that you tend not to dress for the occasion. There are three forms of dress, not one. Your wardrobe should consist of three types of clothing: the casual gear you wear when you are hanging out with the boys, the business or work outfits that are needed according to your job and that “meet her expectations” gear that is often use to impress your date or a group of her friends. Yes, I know this can be a bit confusing but women like to date men who can impress their friends. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you are witty, handsome or even likable…. if you can show a sense of pride in the way you look and have a touch of fashion sense, you are already on the right track.

Now, how do you accomplish this? The next time you go to the store to buy those t-shirts and baseball caps, visit the clothing sections that house button down shirts, blazers, classic jeans and comfortable “dress shoes”. You don’t need to be in a suit to look well groomed. Your selection of color, texture and cohesiveness is all you need to develop a suave style. Don’t be afraid of color. Impress your mate with colors that appeal to them. A man’s accessory is his watch and belt. You should spend a little extra for those accessories and pick something that is classic and stylish not flashy. Top off your look with a splash of alluring cologne and you are out the door with all the style you need.

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